On Saturday, June 1st, over 300 industry influencers, developers, media and members of the community converged upon Washington, D.C. for an evening of presentations, announcements, and product demonstrations.

Watch the keynote below.

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The #B1June keynote announced EOSIO 2 which will introduce new features such as EOS VM, a WebAssembly engine aimed to increase processing speeds of smart contracts, and support for WebAuthn authentication standard to bring greater security and usability to applications built with the EOSIO software.

#B1June guests were given a glimpse into the upcoming Block.one product, ‘Voice’ – a social media application designed with the objective to connect real people to real people; to bring transparency and alignment back to social media. Social as it should be.

Additionally, an EOSIO educational program by Coinbase was announced, with the goal of increasing the adoption of blockchain technology, and a collaboration with Yubico to provide EOSIO Yubikeys that support WebAuthn for blockchain.