Our community has been subject to regular attempts by scammers and cyber criminals to steal property (including tokens) and information. These attempts include people impersonating block.one personnel. They even impersonate Brendan and Dan.

Block.one encourages everyone to remain on high alert for scams, phishing, hacks and other malicious activities, especially things that appear “too good to be true.”

Scammers may attempt to steal your private keys, tokens, fiat currency, personal information, passwords and other items of value. Please remember to carefully read and review everything associated with a project, email or other communication before taking any action.  Be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

VERY IMPORTANT:  No one from Block.one will request your private key(s), tokens, passwords or personal information, whether by phone or in a Telegram message, email, website or any other form of communication.  Furthermore, no Block.one personnel will use Telegram, Skype, LinkedIn or other informal communication channels to propose a business relationship or partnership including a proposal which would involve the exchange of tokens.

A scammer that successfully steals your private key(s) will gain control of your account(s) on all community blockchains. The same may be true for passwords and other identifying information. For this reason, it is critical that you do not download, compile, install, or run software from untrusted sources, including repositories, websites and links, or provide your keys or personal information to any untrusted person or site. Please be cautious before using any community efforts, as Block.one will not review, certify, nor endorse any specific effort. 

Scammers impersonate people, including senior management, of companies. A Telegram chat, email, or website  may look like it was sent, owned or maintained or appear to have come from someone at Block.one and still be fake. Scammers often use a false sense of urgency to trick you into giving them your private keys, personal information or to induce you to enter into a fraudulent business arrangement by sending you agreements including, without limitation, non-disclosure agreements, token purchase agreements or any other agreements that would you require your signature or other personal information, or the exchange of tokens or private keys. 

Your private keys, tokens, other assets and personal information are private. We strongly encourage the community to exercise caution when dealing with anyone that requests access to your private keys or any other personal information or proposes a business arrangement involving your property, regardless of how it is requested.

Important Note: All material is provided subject to this important notice and you must familiarize yourself with its terms. The notice contains important information, limitations, and restrictions relating to our software, publications, trademarks, third-party resources and forward-looking statements. By accessing any of our material, you accept and agree to the terms of the notice.

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