Marty brings financial, engineering and leadership expertise to multidisciplinary council that will guide company’s growth, a software firm specializing in high-performance blockchain technologies, announced today that R. Martin Chavez will join to chair the company’s advisory board. Having spent nearly two decades at Goldman Sachs in key executive roles, Mr. Chavez transformed Wall Street’s trading business into a software business, revolutionizing the way capital moves and works. He brings to his role at in-depth technical expertise and unparalleled experience at the intersection of finance, entrepreneurship and tech. 

As continues to enhance its products and expand its services, Mr. Chavez will challenge leadership, provide counsel on business strategy, expand networks and help develop a governance framework that will promote sustainable growth.

Mr. Chavez’s appointment follows the recent announcement that Google is joining the EOS Public Blockchain as a Block Producer candidate. This support by leading financial and technology stakeholders demonstrates the continued mainstream endorsement for blockchain, and how EOSIO and are pioneering this industry.

“As more enterprises discover that blockchain provides powerful solutions to seemingly intractable challenges, it will become increasingly critical to bridge the gap between the blockchain industry and those still learning about the performance and reliability that the technology can deliver,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO at “Marty’s extensive experience guiding a global financial institution, combined with his time spent founding and growing a tech start-up, makes him uniquely qualified to help us meet our goal of promoting universal blockchain adoption.”

“Tech, finance and entrepreneurship are truly the pillars of what is going to drive business forward,” Mr. Chavez said. “So it’s exciting to be advising in an area with so much promise and innovation. I’m looking forward to being an outside point-of-view for Brendan and his team while promoting a deeper understanding of the potential that blockchain offers to industries aiming to evolve their digital transformation.”

Mr. Chavez served as chief financial officer at Goldman Sachs until 2019; previously, he was the company’s chief information officer and the global co-head of the securities division. He has been a partner since 2006 and a member of Goldman’s management committee since 2012, and he remains a senior director. He started his career as a technologist in Silicon Valley, where he co-founded Kiodex and Quorum Software Systems before bringing his engineering and computer science expertise into investment banking.

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