The EOSIO 2.1 release is now updated to stable.

Learn more about the EOSIO 2.1 upgrade to stable with security and stability fixes.

Bullish Global’s new venture launches with prominent investors and a 2021 release of new cryptocurrency exchange, Bullish.

Beyond Blockchain: Winners announced!

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s EOSIO Hackathon where 1,315 participants from 107 countries competed to build the next wave of innovation.

Stake-Based Voting and Rewards Mechanism

Migrating towards stake-based voting and rewards will empower communities to continue innovating.

We are a blockchain software company that provides people
with the technology and products to build trust in transactions, transparency in systems, and efficiency in how our world works.

Meet Our Solutions

Industry-leading Blockchain

With 400+ apps, 85% of public blockchain activity, and 15+ public networks, EOSIO offers the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized apps. Get the transaction speeds and flexibility you need to build on blockchain.

Social as it Should Be

Built on EOSIO, Voice provides a new and trusted social experience. No bots. Only empowered communities creating and sharing quality content.

Investing in the Future of Blockchain Technologies

EOS VC and partners mentor and support entrepreneurs building game-changing blockchain projects.

The EOS Public Blockchain

As an engaged member of the EOS community, is a vocal supporter of the EOS Public Blockchain and invests in the future of EOS.

People power our company. And we empower our people to create a better world, together.